Cast of Characters

Constable Benton Fraser: Liaison at the Canadian Consulate, unofficial partners first to CPD Detective Ray Vecchio and later to Detective Ray Kowalski. Fraser faces the return of the formerly undercover Vecchio and learns the truth about his mother's murder. But time for reflection and digestion of the recent events is a luxury not offered to him as he finds himself on a case that leads him home to Canada - Ray Kowalski at his side - where ghosts are finally laid to rest and a new life begins.

Detective Stanley Raymond Kowalski, "Ray": Brought to the 27 to go undercover as Ray Vecchio, Kowalski has fought his own demons and found his place in the world. Until the door opens and Ray Vecchio returns. Kowalski, unsure of the permanence of his and Fraser's partnership now that the prodigal son -- partner in this case -- has returned, stays at Fraser's side every step of the way. From the wing of an airplane to scaling a mountain, from being trapped in an ice crevasse to facing a militia from Idaho and their stolen nuclear submarine. In the end, there is no question who Kowalski is or where he belongs.

Detective Ray Vecchio: Recruited by the feds due to his uncanny resemblance to a mobster, Armando "the Bookman" Langoustini - whose death they need to keep a secret, Vecchio has spent a good deal of time in someone else's skin. When his undercover and past life come face-to-face - Ray Vecchio returns. Assuming he will step back into his life as if nothing's changed, Vecchio finds that it has. With one golden bullet, Vecchio's life is further changed - releasing him from both pasts and allowing him to move on - in this case, to Florida with Stella Kowalski.

Stella Kowalski: Former wife of Ray Kowalski, an Assistant State's Attorney. Meets 'the real Ray Vecchio' at the 27 and before long -- over Scotch, perhaps -- she agrees to move to Florida. And open a bowling alley.

Harding Welsh: Lieutenant at the 27, gruff and fiercely protective - he'll spend the rest of his career behind his desk, because that's what he does.

Jack Huey and Thomas Dewey: Fellow detectives from the 27 who follow their own dream of opening a comedy club.

Francesca Vecchio, "Frannie": Civilian aide, sister to Ray Vecchio, known for her interesting slaughter of slang phrases and unrequited love for Constable Fraser. She's destined to have six children -- by immaculate conception.

Inspector Meg Thatcher: Senior member of the Canadian Consulate, longs to return to Canada - Toronto specifically. Follows on the trail of her junior officer and his unofficial partner to the cold of the Northwest Territories. Destined to become a spy for the Canadian secret service and helps topple despotic governments.

Constable Renfield Turnbull: A fellow Constable, lovingly daft - Turnbull will go into politics - and be run over by his own campaign bus.

Robert Fraser: Father of Benton, husband to Caroline, killed by Gerrard but has provided a revenant presence in his son's life -- offering advice and support, whether asked for or not. Thought he had killed Muldoon 29 years before after Muldoon killed Caroline. Given a chance to 'make things right' and, at last, is reunited with his beloved Caroline.

Sergeant Buck Frobisher: Former partner of Fraser, Sr., one of the few people who can see his ghost. Known for his flatulence and fondness for moose hock wrapped in Gorgonzola cheese. Assists Fraser and company in their face-off with Muldoon and his goons. Presumably offers assistance in preparing Fraser and Kowalski for their adventure.

Holloway Muldoon: Former friend of Robert Fraser, killed Caroline Fraser thirty years before and was presumed dead. Returns to the Frasers' lives with his involvement in nuclear weapons trading. Shoots Ray Vecchio, repeatedly attempts to kill Benton Fraser and faces the corporeal presence of Robert Fraser.

Diefenbaker: Fraser's half-wolf companion. He joins Fraser and Kowalski on their quest for the Hand of Franklin.