This profile was written by our dear friend, Rushlight, who loves Fraser as much as we do.

Benton Fraser

Constable Benton Fraser is a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, presently assigned to the Chicago Consulate as a Deputy Liaison Officer. He requested the post after his father's murder, when he uncovered information linking the crime with suspects in the city of Chicago. After solving the murder, he was asked by his superiors to remain at the post since his accusations against R.C.M.P. officials, however accurate they may have been, were considered an embarrassment to the R.C.M.P.

Fraser is an accomplished tracker and proficient in a variety of outdoor skills. His expertise in solving even the most obscure of crimes earned him a degree of infamy at his posts back home in Canada. Uncomfortable in cities, he prefers working in rural areas away from large populations, along with his long-time companion and friend, a deaf half-wolf named Diefenbaker. Polite to a fault, he is considered by his American colleagues as the epitome of Canadian courtesy, and his continual focus on the "little people" as opposed to larger police matters tends to be a bit of a frustration for them. Fraser does not carry a weapon, finds lying distasteful, and adheres to an ancient code of gallantry that most of those around him find incomprehensible.

Fraser's job at the Chicago Consulate officially consists of working closely with local police as well as state and federal officials on matters of mutual interest. The life of a diplomat, however, does not sit well with him, so more often than not, he finds himself partnering with a Chicago detective by the name of Ray Vecchio, and later with his replacement, Stanley "Ray" Kowalski. Despite their polar differences in personalities, Fraser became close friends with each of his partners almost instantaneously. Miles away from home and anything even marginally resembling family, Fraser bonded to each of them in his own unique way.

Fraser has shown his loyalty and strength time and time again throughout his years of partnership with the Chicago police department. Using his often obscure investigative skills to solve crimes that are considered unsolvable by most, he has earned the respect and admittedly bewildered admiration of the detectives he works with. While his methods frequently come under question by those in authority over him, the results he obtains are unfailingly beyond reproach.

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