About due South and Mountie on the Bounty

The premise for the show sounded like the punchline for a joke - "A Canadian Mountie arrives in Chicago..."

And that's just what Constable Benton Fraser did, on the trail of his father's killers, and (yes, say it with us now) for reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, he remained attached as a liaison with the Canadian Consulate.

Viewers of the show due South, much like Constable Benton Fraser and Detective Ray Kowalski (undercover as Ray Vecchio), were still adjusting to the new partnership of these two seemingly opposite men. In a moment of passion - a punch is thrown and Fraser and Kowalski find themselves questioning the strength of their partnership. Yet over the span of nearly two hours, the partnership question was answered many times over in the episode "Mountie on the Bounty".

A dead pirate, a ghost ship, the illegal dumping of toxic waste and the Bounty manned by a crew of Mounties provides the outside story of the episode "Mountie on the Bounty". With the superficial tale unfolding around them, Fraser and Kowalski find themselves at an impasse in their partnership - tempers flare and communication seems to be failing, resulting in a punch by the lake. Feeling the tune of their duet has hit a foul note, Ray and Fraser decide that perhaps the best thing would be to walk away, make a clean break - even if that's not what they want. Before they can take those first true steps away, a dead pirate literally falls at their feet and they agree to one last case.

Joining the crew of a ship set to sail - Fraser displays his talent for singing, in this case, "Barrett's Privateers", and Ray is taken prisoner. As the 'ghost ship' Robert MacKenzie attacks, Fraser must save his partner's life before the boat sinks. When Ray is found, the next obstacle is to escape from the rapidly filling ship - and in the process viewers were introduced to "Bloom, Close, Kick 'em in the Head" and buddy breathing.

Time-after-time, actions speak louder than words - while their heads may wonder if their partnership was true, there is little they don't do to save the other. To quote Robert Fraser, "Partnership is like a marriage" - it's the dependence and trust that will endure, through questions and fights, the bonds are difficult to sever. There will be no divorce papers here, either - both men turn down their transfers and on the deck of the Bounty, in a conversation rich for what is not said aloud, their duet finds harmony once again.

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